Reasons why I love airbit


Automated File Delivery (your customers can instantly download the beats and the pdf contracts without waiting for you to send files).
They don’t take a cut of your money. That’s right, Airbit doesn’t take any commission off your beat sales. Some other sites such as BeatStars take over 30% of your sales off the top. With Airbit if you sell a beat for $100 then you get $100. Plain and simple.
Easy to embed on your own website, Facebook, inside emails, or anywhere you can think of. (Note: you don’t even need your own website to have a beat store, you can just send them direct to your store link)
Airbit makes it easy to collect emails, get new followers or get new subscribers on YouTube. Airbit allows you to give your beats for free downloads in exchange for the person’s email address or as a trade for them subscribing to you on YouTube. You can choose whether the free download is tagged or untagged and you can limit the usage to non-profit use only or allow whatever rights you want to allow. This makes it easy for your clients to download beats and write or record to them before they purchase a full license.


I agree with everything you mentioned, apart from this:

Airbit in fact DO take a commission from your beat sales BUT only on your marketplace sales.

BeatStars don’t take a commissions at all not even from their marketplace sales (I know, I used to be a member for over a year and never had any money deducted)

I would love for Airbit to drop their marketplace commission, I’d assume they make enough money from the monthly subs but it is what it is and I still prefer Airbit, I’ll just try to limit my marketplace sale. Haha.