Recomendations for Website Designers?

Hello; I currently have my own website for selling my beats. However I want to upgrade and add new more effective features. As of right now, I’m not able to capitolize on it because some of the features are notfully operational. What I wan’t to know does anyone know of some reputable web designers that are skilled in esigning music pages? I don’t want a very expensive designer bu I don’t mind spending. Just someone reasonable and efficient. Thanks

I can recommend MikeCBeats from this forum. He’s a great person and will get the job done with a high quality site for a very reasonable price.

You should try linking up with him.

In as much as web sites should look really nice, they are not all about the design that you put up. And when you actually go a little too much, the tendency is that some people would turn black and blue against it and even cause you some major problems.

How nice it would to be actually showcase your creativity in putting up a great design but you should work within your limits. Meaning, you do not just go out of bounds with it.

True. I know what you mean with doing to much. It gets crowded and becomes more about the art. I didn’t want anything to much but I had it designed about 5 years ago…Just wanted an update.

Cool good look man…I will see what’s up with him.

Hey, i’m part of a website design team specializing in music websites and we offer really affordable rates so i think we can help. Check our website for more info:

I recommend you to hire a website design company that execute expressive branding, eye-catchy colours, and imagery to deploy a fully-functional website.

Hey TaylorMadeProductio1, Yes I know one of the best and reputable web designing agency in Pakistan with the highest recommendations and 100% customer reviews plus good ranking. They will definitely upgrade your website and enable it with extra smart features at a cheap and affordable price and under your requirements of course.

Hey dear, I will recommend you They are USA based and doing very well. See how they designed my blog apksclub. Highly recommended team by my side.

Hy there
I defiantly prefer you to hire a website design company or online users from fiver or other Random platforms they will help you better.

I disobediently lean toward you to recruit a web architecture organization or online clients from fiver or otherRandom stages they will help you better.

Try to hire a professional web designer and get what you want.

I agree with the guys who offered to hire profesional It company. You can check out this IT team Financial Web Application Development Services | IT Master Soft They helped me a lot