Recommendations For Airbit


The future is almost here where people stream and pay for monthly subscriptions, I was wondering if we can get:

  1. Subscription options for our customers to get beats every month. similar idea to beatstars.

  2. Airbit app? Its 2019 and everyone got phones, just something I though would be nice instead of me going onto the Airbit website to check my stats EVERYDAY.

  3. I am not to sure if this option is available after uploading a beat then leave the page but can we have the option to schedule beats for release?

  4. When can we get a 2 step verification option for our accounts for safety.

Any of y’all got some recommendations, let me hear yours and hopefully Airbit sees this. :pray:t5::100:


subscriptions for beats to me sounds like something that will further the depreciation of selling beats online.


Hi @BBlessedBeats

Thanks for contacting us with your suggested features. We really appreciate your suggestions and I will forward your proposal to our development team to review so that it can be considered in our future updates plans.

As for scheduling your beats to be released on a specific date, I am glad to inform you that this option is currently available by following these steps:

We are always glad to hear your feedback and suggestions as this helps us to improve your experience with us by adding your needed features and services.


The app would be killer!!!