Remove/Add License and Remove/Add Tagged beat


There used to be a way to add to or take away the license options from the beats…for instance, I have 3 different licenses…gold, platinum, and diamond. There are some beats I have up that I dont have trackouts for, so I want to exclude them from platinum and diamond without having to delete the beat. Also, where are the tagged beats that I uploaded now stored, do I have to reupload and will I only have the option to save them to the specific beat on the upload page?


Sure you just need to set the price for that particular licence to 0.00. This won’t make the beat free, this will just make it unavailable for sale for that particular license.

Hope that makes sense.


how do I remove the airbit auto tag from all my beats to start fresh???


Hi @1Soljapine

Thanks for contacting us for support. I am glad to answer any inquiries you might have about our features and services. You can delete the tagged mp3 beat files from your Dashboard > Beats > My Beats > Tic the box next to the beats’ names > Scroll up to the “Delete” tab > Click “Delete tagged mp3 file”. You can then add your tagged mp3 files that you wish be streamed by your viewers from your Dashboard > Beats > Upload > Tagged.

You can checkout more about uploading tagged beats on:

For any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.