"Replace WAV" Doesnt Replace Mp3


Hi, Im Dwayne!

When i upload my beats to airbit, i usually update them a lot before im satisfied with them.
when you upload a untagged WAV it automatically converts it into a untagged mp3 for those that purchase mp3 leases. today i found out that when you use the “Replace” as a upload type and you upload a WAV, it doesnt replace the Mp3 version automatically, you have to do both manually!

a guy bought my beat yesterday (an mp3 lease) so i went to the “Order Succes” Page to see if everything went right, i play the beat that he downloaded and it was a old version.

I want the beat to be the same to all of my customers so i had to email him and ask if he wanted the updated version.

Can you fix it so when u “Replace” with a WAV it automatically changes the mp3 just like in the “New” (Upload)?

Peace Out!


Hi @DwayneOnTheTrack, thanks for your feedback. The replace feature will only replace the individual files, as this allows people to provide different versions, rather than limiting you to having the same version for each beat.

e.g. some people like to provide a tagged MP3 for basic licenses, and an untagged WAV, for the higher-end licenses.

Having the replace feature how it currently is allows more freedom with your uploads


Oh, Okay!

That’s a good Idea, i think i will start to sell my mp3 leases with 1 tag in it.