Royalties vs Publishing (Airbit contract clarification)


I am just starting out as a music producer and have yet to lease or sell a beat
I would just like a bit of clarification on a part of the airbit contract:

"4. The Artist is not required to pay the Producer a royalty or any income from the Track.

However, despite this, the Artist agrees that;-

4.1. the Producer shall have a fifty percent (50%) share of the publishing in the Track and shall receive publishing income directly from the applicable Collection Society."

  • does this simply mean that rather than the artist paying the royalties/income to the producer out of their own pocket, it is all handled through the collection society and paid to the producer that way instead? or does it mean that the producer is not entitled to any royalties/income whatsoever?

which brings me to my next question

  • what is the difference between royalties and publishing/publishing income?

  • also I have heard about it being the norm for producers to get paid 3/4% in royalties (producer points) is this an entirely different matter compared to the 50% figure stated above in the contract?

thanks in advance