Sale Not Posted On Dashboard Customer Never Got Beats


On Jul 22nd I got a paypal notification for a beat sale i just incurred. A few hours later i received a paypal dispute from the customer stating he never received the beats he purchased.

Payment for Airbit Marketplace Order: MP-22XXX-788XXX

At first i thought he was trying to scam using paypal but i noticed the sale never posted to my dashboard or in my sales stats at all when i when to get more info for the dispute.

I found the transaction via the original email and found his info and was able to reach out and settle the dispute myself and get the beats over to the customer.

What happened to the sale? why am i having this issue with the marketplace?



Thanks for contacting us for support. I am sorry to hear that you’ve faced this issue with your sale. I have reviewed this sale for you and it seems that the payment was instantly refunded, and the order has failed; therefore the order was not successfully processed. I would like to assure you that once the payment is successfully received, then the files are automatically sent to the customer via the Order Success Page email - with their purchased beat files and the corresponding contracts.

You can check out more about failed orders her:

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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