šŸŽ“scam alertšŸŽ“ music producer superstar o tried to scam me and other producers out of $225 bucks


So i made this video of how internet music producer superstar o tried to scam me out of $225 Dollarsā€¦if you have any questions ill be willing to answer but just know if he sent you this offerā€¦you can contact paypal and get your money backā€¦because he sent an offer with an invalid link that goes against paypals guidelinesā€¦so get your money back just like i didā€¦the offer video is in the discription box in the videoā€¦dont allow the big bank to take the little bankā€¦GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!

i never wanted to do this video because this is a well respected guyā€¦and im not saying hes a bad personā€¦but i hate liars and will not support big producers trying to scam small producers in order to make their names biggerā€¦if this has happened to you by superstar o or any other producer you worked withā€¦keep your payment and conversation info organized so you can have evidence of your transactionsā€¦this is a dirty game and you have to keep yourself and music safe from people who will prey on your emotions of lackā€¦i kept the files and conversations showed paypal our convos and i won my money back when this man tried to lieā€¦he always posts positive quotes on his instagram page but behind the scenes he is doing the oppositeā€¦trust no one in this gameā€¦only yourself and your work ethicā€¦HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!