Selling beats..been on this site for a while

Ive been on this site for a while and i need alittle help… Theres always that one reapper who always asking for free beats and let alone saying they can help me profit…which i dont believe.

In hte past ive let rappers have some beats for free in exchange for promotion…but i never heard from them again…and a rapper blocked me from facebook too which is so unreal…I need advice…please help

Try to offer them a bulk deal. If not then send them a tag version of the beat. If they don’t want the tag version then see if this particular person has potential to purchase in the future. Meaning how often DO they ask for free beats. Every single new beat you upload or they want like 3+ free beats from your catalog and then like a month or two later, 2 free beats from your catalog. It can depend because if this person is coming back asking the same thing and you give then he will never buy. It’s hard to deal with customers like this. But I would do some research of this artist. Like does he have a good following on his social networks. Check out his plays and fan engagements. And see if it’s worth it to send him a free beat once. Me personally I wouldn’t do it and it devalues your work. If you’re going to give it for free then you have to tag it. Work on your brand and you won’t have this problem that much. Think about it, if you are a up and coming basketball player, no one knows you yet and you went to footlocker and said “I like this sneaker, can I get this for free. I need it for basketball, I’m a good player I have a scholarship and connections. Once I play in the big leagues I’ll give you credit or pay you back” lol…Do you think footlocker will say OK Sure!!! The only way that will happen is if this person knows the right people to make that happen. But by himself don’t think so.

Sorry those sneakers cost $299.99…

I wouldn’t give out free beats for promotion. That is only beneficial if the rapper has a 20,000 plus following and tours regularly to big crowds and gets radio play << Now any rapper asking for “free beats” is probably not achieving any of the above which means your giving away your work for free with “nothing whatsoever in return” I hear a lot of rappers say “non profit only” like producers “HAVE TO” send a free beat because the rapper stands to “make no profit” Such a silly view. If I walked into a Gucci store and said “Hey, I don’t have any money but can I have one your fragrances just so I can test it out. I really like your brand and plan to buy some soon” Do you think Gucci are going to say “Yeah, sure, here’s our best selling fragrance, enjoy and we’ll see you soon?” Ha, of course not. they’ll look at you like you’re on crack. I uploaded a new beat about 2 days ago and I get an email from a rapper saying “can I use your beat for non profit” I looked at my phone and laughed (like i usually do whenever I get that “non profit” silly talk) I can’t understand why a producer would bang out a beat, mix it, add effects, master it, put hours into it then give it away for free to a whack rapper talking about how money he has (ha) with 36 twitter followers. For me it devalues the producer.