Selling from instagram


If I use the link to my Mobile version beat store and Post on Instagram, does Airbit still get a commission off that sale? Note. I don’t have my own website.



Hi @drezbeatz23, commission is only taken for sales made on the Marketplace. You keep 100% of sales made on all personal stores, including your personal profile page


Selling from instagram could be really effective, especially when you’ve got yourself decent number of followers. So why dont use special service like this

or others, it will definitely help you!
However, good look with your selling online!


this service actually works and the first 5 days are free

#6 is a tool that is really useful if you want to promote yourself. You are able to try first 7 days for free and see what options are necessary, very cool.


Buddy just don’t worry, you are good. As Ellis said, commission is taken for sales made on the Marketplace. If you want to promote yourself on IG I can suggest to use #hashtags and I’m using an app , it is simple and nice, people are following you almost non stop. And you can share with the whole world the content you want to add. Also i think you’ll be able to win some money with the beats you make, people like’s music. Just try it and don’t give back.


airbit not take fee from your sales


Instagram is a great platform to sell on. Especially if you gain enough subscribers and it’s not that hard, there are a lof of articles with tips on how to sell on instagram useful content from PromoRepublic, for example.