Share your Infinity Store designs - Get Feedback


Hey Airbit fam,

So in light of the new Infinity Store (which I personally think is awesome), lets all share our designs and give each other feedback.

The store is great and the design possibilities are endless so I just think it would be cool to see what people come up with.

I’ll start - click my link below. I went for a yellow and pink theme.


Loved yours. Very unique. Stands out and flows smoothly… The beats are dope as well.

Check mines out


Really like yours too man @itskotic diggin’ the purple theme.

Only 1 thing (but maybe cause im a dumbass) when adding beats to cart the “offer” part really threw me off at first cause for example:

Add beat to cart for 39.99 im assuming its added not noticing im on an offer page so then I have to “add it” again so to speak.

But hey, if its working for you then all good bro, maybe I was just a little slow.


The offer section basically allows a client to make an offer ao for example instead of paying $39.99 they can offer lets say $20. I then have the option to accept or not… This feature hasn’t been used by a client of mines yet… I usually pre negotiate before the purchase… But i like the feature there for flexibility…


I get it and I know what the feature is for I was just slightly stumped when I saw it as I’ve ever really seen it used on ‘exclusive offers’ and not leases.

You could be onto something though, keep me posted on how its working.


Here is my Infinity store. Let me know what you think HTTP://A100DRUMZ.COM


Couldn’t click the link as it wasn’t working.

No biggie, I went to your profile and found you site.

Really like it man, very clean looking and straight forward.

I think you header picture is a little too stretched so half of it is being cut off from my screen (bottom half) and its a little blurry. If you can fix that then everything is spot on man.

Good work.

Side note: that ‘Wizrd’ beat is dope.