Should i switch my Production-Programm?


Hey guys, i was thinking about switching my Producing-Program. Currently im usin Studio One 3 Professional and i thought bout switching too Fruity Loops. Should i? what are the benefits?
I would love too get an answere


Try it…if you like it…switch…if not. Stay. They are all essentially the same, just a few work flow differences.


Thank you for your answer man
you need to know im heavy influenced by famous producers like metro boomin and so on, what is it that they all ended up on FL?


If you are a beginner don’t forget about cool samples.

Like this for example : Magic Sample


I can’t say for sure, but if i had to take an educated guess and make an uneducated assumption, then i’d say because most producers start off with pirated software. The most readily available beat program is FL studio on PC…it just happens to be the easiest to learn.

Then once producers start earning money, they decide they want to buy a DAW, why not FL studio? They already learned the pirated version, and the store version is alot cheaper than ableton or logic, or even reason. Just my theory.

There are other producers who use pro tools like noah 40 shebib or jake one. Then there are other big name producers who use reason like Key Wane and Timbaland. Logic uses Ableton…funny you’d think he’d use Logic :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, whatever you feel comfortable with.


I think its not the DAW but your creativity and how comfortable do you feel using a particular DAW. Other things like operating system etc might also affect your decision in choosing your DAW. I use both FL and PT to produce. I have a MSI laptop with Windows installed and I use FL to produce on that machine. I also have a macbook pro where I have PT installed as I use this to record vocals etc.

I tried getting FL (both legit and pirated) working on my macbook but for some reason I have always experienced some glitches either with the VSTs or with FL itself (especially the browser window) so I decided to use PT on mac. Guess its just the environtment you feel comfortable in and that gets you going.