Skills music producers need to be successful?


Like what kind of things do they need to know in order to succeed in the music biz? I am getting much more serious about this, I even have my own website with all my previous work at (selling beats, and I have a newsletter sign up for artists) with MFS widget on there.

I want to get better so that I will be a great music producer. More tips the better! Thank you in advance.

-Peradime Productions


If you want to be successful, you have to strive to be the best in your eyes. You have to have confidence in your work to actually believe you will make it. Keep improving, always looking for new ways to advance. Above all, promote like crazy… DO NOT SPAM!!! Spamming gives you a bad name, build relationships and they will come. Just like with any business, if people see it and like it… they will buy. Hope this helps… good luck bro.


I believe the main skill you need is COMMUNICATION. You can use communication to get whatever you want. If you know how to communicate effectively, along with produce and promote, you should be good.


Thanks for all the tips man! Imma try to be more confident, cuz I know I lack that. I’m always hesitant to show my work unless I really know it’s good. And man, I haven’t marketed in forever because the hits on my site are low, so that kind demotivates me. The drive inside me needs to be there, but it usually lasts for a day or so for anything in general. I’m gonna work on that tool. Thanks again!


Yeah, I was actually thinking about that. Communication is really important and is a big thing for any type of job that sells things, in this case, the beats. I read so much stuff about rapport and all that, and am gonna try to get that down so it will be easier for me. Sometimes I get lazy to reply back -__- In the promo part, I also agree how important it is. Sadly, I haven’t done much about it ughh. That definitely needs to change. Thanks for the advice!


Treat yourself like a reputable and respectable business. I would definitely say that. With that statement said, Some of the things I would say that would help you be successful are the following:

[li]- Good Customer Service (can’t stress this enough. So many kats out there have crappy customer service. If you have a question, they don’t bother to reply unless you have a sale for them. Or if you have an issue, they blame you for it rather than dealing with it. Granted, there are sketchy customers too, but you can’t treat EVERYONE else as though they are that bad customer you had. Real talk.[/li]
[li]- Build your Brand - I can’t stress this enough. Try to feel out a name and image that you want to create for yourself, and then try to stick to it as long as possible, several years for sure if possible. I’ve stuck to the name Genycis as my beat name for the 9+ years that I’ve been making beats. It is my brand, and I try to make sure it stands out. Making a catch phrase every so often can help make your brand memorable as well.[/li]
[li]- Build relationships - Don’t try to be a car sales man to everyone. Yes, you can tweet or Facebook periodically that you have beats for sale, that you make rap beats, etc., but to straight up go to people “you need beats? Buy some of mine at…” is not good at all. And blasting everyone on a mailing list with “I added new beats, buy them now” doesn’t cut it either. You can promote but still try to do things a bit more subliminally.[/li]
[li]- Run Promotions - By this, I mean periodically, throw a special sale to your mailing list of people or twitter followers or Facebook fans only. And offer to them to spread word that they can offer the special to others they know as well. DOing this periodically gives those that have bought already the chance to buy at greater prices, and for those that have debated the chance to buy for the first time and to see your worth to them. You’ll be surprised how that works. I’ve had kats that bought from me when I ran a special sale of $2.99 a beat who have then bought from me again when the sale was over because they felt they could take a greater chance on $2.99, but felt the value was definitely worth more than the $2.99 when the prices went back up to $13[/li]
[li]- Offer More For Less - By this, I mean that when you are starting off or within a year or two and trying to make a name for yourself, trying to sell beats at $35.00 a lease without having proven yourself doesn’t work out all that well. But, if you take that same $35.00 and offer a Buy 1 Get 2 Free, it will possibly entice people to consider the bargain. Sometimes offering more for less paints the illusion that they are getting a lot more, and maybe they are to a degree, but you’re getting a new customer and one you can now build relationships with.[/li]
[li]- Make Beats Make Beats - Of course, you can’t make a great business at all without continued content or products or services. And of course, Beats being the product that is sold, the more you make and sell, the better your chances of selling beats. You will struggle trying to sell only 5 beats to a variety of customers, versus trying to sell 50 beats, versus trying to sell 500 beats. Point blank, the more you have, the more potential they have of buying. It’s like the lottery… the more tickets you buy, the more chances you possibly have of winning something at least.[/li]
[li]- Offer Value to your mailing list subscribers - Rather than just having people join you to try to sell them beats often, offer them value. Give them tips or pointers on mixtapes, or vocals, or variety, things of that nature. Keep the person intrigued and into your list. You can’t keep every single person engaged no matter how much you try, but, by offering more value, you’ll gain more loyal customers. And those are the ones that continue to buy from you more and more. After all, if a person is really into making music, they’ll always make more content, so you’ll have a lifer on your hands, even if they buy a beat or two somewhere else. After all, I may love Shell gas, but if I need to, I’m going to go to BP still even though Shell may get most of my business.[/li]
[li]- Clean quality website of your own - Definitely a MUST. You can sell bulk on Soundclick but you still want to build your brand more with your own official website. Make it clean, not too flooded with fancy Flash graphics, but nice enough that it presents a nice image to the visitors when they visit your site. Just putting up cheesy graphics won’t get it because they won’t look you up again since the presentation was bad. Or too much flash and you may confuse the customer or take their focus off of the beats and onto your flash work. Keep it simple but elegant enough to make people feel you are very serious about what you do. We all focus with our eyes as to whether we want to buy from someone or something, so good website equals customers staying on your site a bit more often.[/li]

Those are some of the things I could think of off the top of my head. I hope that they were of some help. Look to some of the bigger companies and see how they do business, and then emulate a bit and tweak things to your own, and in time, you’ll be successful as well… and that also varies on success. Some kats see $1,000 a week as successful, some see selling beats in general as successful, and some never feel success unless they make $25,000 a week on beat sales. So you measure what success is to YOU, and you will achieve it if you’re dedicated and focused enough and want it bad enough! Much respect fam. Hope that this helped you, and anyone else that reads it as well.


In my opinion music producers oversee every aspect of a recording session, including song selection, musical arrangements, contracting of session or studio musicians, recording, mixing and budgeting. So if you want to be successful, you need to excel on these aspects.

All the best and hope to see you as a successful music producer one day.