Status in store has issues


Hey guys. I wanted to change my status in my stores but it always tells me “Oops… Something went wrong”…
Can you please fix this problem?!

Best wishes


Hi @Alchemizt, sorry to hear this. Can you please provide the text you want to add, and tell me which configuration(s) you want to add it to so we can test this for you?


Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I was pretty busy these days. I wanted to change the listed prices into

“3x BASIC = 40$
3x PRO = 75$
3x UNLIMITED = 150$”

Best wishes


Hey no problem. I’ve now added this to the configs that already had prices in place, (Airbit Profile, homepage & rappersin) do you want this added to all configs?


Yep please

Thanks for the help


Soi get you right… . You will Change this for me… But I will be able to change things again in the future or is there a general issue?


Hey, we’ve now figured out the issue. The configurations that aren’t saving are the ones with “Sale (70% OFF)” as the tab name. The names of tabs can’t have symbols in, so the page is not letting you save the changes until this is changed.

For now I’ve changed the tab titles to “Sale 70 PERCENT OFF” but you can change this to anything (without symbols).

I hope this helps, let us know if anything else comes up


ok Cool

Thanks for your help