Still Being Ripped Off


Good luck fam, I hope you get a positive outcome. Feel free to share his twitter name so us other producers can avoid these clowns.



I have fortunately not had this issue “YET” selling my beatz but I swear tha fool that triez to pull a fast 1 is

                                                                  DUN SUN!!



damn that sucks… I never thought about that part of the game, hope it all works out… wtf is a refund on a beat?
people man… some people will try anything


[quote=“BLGontheBEAT” post=15638]damn that sucks… I never thought about that part of the game, hope it all works out… wtf is a refund on a beat?
people man… some people will try anything[/quote]
It’s the most hateful thing you can do, right? It ain’t like downloading a free, it’s snitchin, backstabbin. You’re disrespecting the person who’s music you like.


I feel like pay pal don’t really take it serious. This happens too often.


what up Vis! I agree, it is some disrespectful to the artist… in your case, YOU…

yea man, that sucks… so you think for sure its a @edu problem? I’m trying to find out more on this just incase…


Yeah, i hear a lot of people saying it has something to do with this @edu emails. Don’t know if it has to do something with it though.


[quote=“admin” post=12507]I’m very sorry you have experienced many chargebacks. Unfortunately there is not much we can do our side, a digital signature means nothing. If someone calls up their bank and says they did not make that transaction, and they did not “digitally sign” anything, then the bank have to act, regardless of whether they’re truthful or not.

This is a very unfortunate part of selling digital good online, the seller is rarely protected due to the ease of fraud in this area. It’s not just beats, and it’s not just our system, any system that sells digital good is vulnerable to this kind of fraud.

PayPal do sometimes side in the favor of the seller if you fight your case if PayPal see’s there was no unauthorised access to their account. Unfortunately though it happens a lot where the bank makes all the decisions and PayPal have no say and have to refund the money.

Until places like PayPal create a system which protects sellers and can find a way to allow a digital delivery as official proof, then selling digital goods online is always vulnerable to chargebacks.[/quote]

^^ This is correct.

Sorry to hear this but there really isn’t much you can do about it. This is why sites like ebay require you to ship a physical product (cd) even if you’re selling something that can be downloaded.

This is the downside with selling digital products.



What’s to prevent buyers from simply creating a new email or from using a different ip address and continue in their same practices? On your beat site, could you post your contracts as downloads for buyers to know what they are agreeing to by buying the beat, and then adding a section in those contracts that if they receive a refund, all their rights to the beat are revoked?

what about also adding something in the contract about the PRODUCER not being responsible for BUYER’s credit card being used by BUYER or any other party to make purchases from PRODUCER?

If enforceable in the court of law could you also put terms in your contracts, that read something like:

"should [BUYER] obtain their refund by disputing the charge on their credit card, without first contacting [PRODUCER] in written form, and the [PRODUCER] can prove that the product was for a fact delivered to BUYER, BUYER must pay fee of $XXXX. BUYER must pay the fee within 30 days the dispute claim was made. If fee is not paid within 30 days, the amount owed to PRODUCER increases by ten (10) percent daily, starting on the 31st day, until complete fee and late payments are satisfied.

Should BUYER breach any terms outlined in this agreement, PRODUCER reserves the right to pursue legal action at a time and place of PRODUCER’s choice.

Could something like this work? Chances are beat jackers won’t read these contracts anyway if they already know what they are going to do…I’d love to see their face when they receive a court summons. :laughing:


You take the good with the bad. Because of the digital products I sell I have done thousands of Paypal transactions since
2009. I can say out of all those I maybe have had 10 to 15 “Chargebacks”, I have won probably 4. The worst ones are when the buyer tells their credit card company that its fraud. Paypal gets charged 200 dollars for this happening and this is why they charge you $20 (10 percent). Good news is… it is indeed possible to win. I learned late in the game that the evidence paypal ask you for needs to be in proper form (like PDF). I used to do screen recordings of the emails the client sent…them paying…them responding back saying the received and loved the product…and even going to their website and showing they are using the product ON THEIR WEBSITE…and I still lost. Finally got a rep that explained that they can’t even use the video evidence I sent, and she told me to do the same thing by actual “screen shots” and put all of them in PDF form …explaining in detail with WORDS. Since doing that I have been able to win. And paypal also refunds that $20 they take from you. Just remember… even when it looks like you have lost…the credit card company has like 70 days to still rule in your favor. Thats what happened to me the last time…I thought I had lost then 2 months later I get a notice from paypal saying the credit card company decided to rule in my favor.

I can’t knock paypal because they really do go to bat for you and its in their best interest to win the “credit card company reversal” because they get charged $200 every time that happens.

You will probably lose more times then you win…but DEFINITELY FIGHT with evidence !!


So…just doing a little thinking on this still…if people are going to rip off producers, they will just do it right? So why not beat them to the punch, and tout it as your excellent customer service? I’ve read about the additional charges associated with chargebacks…(not sure how all of it works as I haven’t had it happen to me yet), why not offer a money back guarantee? All they have to do is ask…it would save on the extra charges incurred wouldn’t it? Also you could put a clause on there that they could no longer legally use the beat once their refund is completed.


I agree with Knock, the fact is that no matter what you say in your contract you have to follow protocol and just wait it out and hope it rules in your favor.

Right on knock for the pdf tip. I wish I would have known that a few charge-back’s ago…especially when they did a charge-back on an exclusive 4 months later… smh… (I lost it and had everything, IP, date, time and a link to the YouTube using my work…everything…) that sent my account into a negative at the time.


Airbit Should Step Up there game, I’m paying so that I can display beats, so that people can rip me off that’s not cool airbit step up your game


Hi @YoRitchieHitThatShit, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately it’s not possible to stop people from claiming chargebacks, as this happens via Paypal or direct through their bank.

We have introduced download tracking and improved contracts to give producers the opportunity to fight these claims, but it’s not possible to stop them from happening as they are out of our control.


I’m afraid that won’t help much either. Just had another fraudulent payment today. Stripe and their “fraud radar” didn’t prevent this as well, they just warned me to check the transaction after it went through… The IP address in this case used 5 or more different visa/master cards in a short amount of time before the transaction succeeded, the e-mail used in the purchase was and they have no billing address, real name or whatsoever. The payment still went through and the beats were downloaded. What I am really missing on your site is a ‘revoke order’ button so you can manually put it ‘on hold’ and check back with the customer first. This way you can prevent him from downloading everything if you are quick enough. That’s a function that comes with every digital selling marketplace like e.g. WooCommerce, EDD, etc… So in my case now, I got the warning from Stripe, I checked the order and it’s up to 99.99 % fraudulent. The trackouts of the purchased beats weren’t downloaded yet, so in order to at least prevent him from downloading them I had to delete the files from my server and re-upload them again to generate new links. If I want to prevent mp3s or wavs from being downloaded I even have to delete the beat(s) from airbit completely. That just s*cks.


Short and to the point solution:

  1. Create a legally binding contract (pay a lawyer to review and make sure it protects you).
  2. Make sure NON-REFUNDABLE is on the contracts, receipts, your website, and in the terms & conditions
  3. dont allow access to the music until after you get a signature on the contract with terms and conditions
    (I prefer to have contracts printed wherever the client may be and have them physically sign ink to paper and mail it back).
  4. Know that pay-pal is not helpful (personal or Business accounts)


That might work for exclusives but not for leases