Store Collection type error



I’ve noticed that there is a fault with your ‘ADD a collection’ drop down box.

Please could you check this out for me as i’m unable to make a playlist.

Screen shot below for reference


Hi @Evemusic, sorry to see there’s an issue with your collections. I can’t tell what’s happening from that screenshot, cold you please explain what’s happening when you click +ADD, and share a larger screenshot? (Full screen if possible)


Hi Ellis,

Thanks for coming back.

Basically when you click collection type it used to come down with a drop down menu, however when you click it the menu doesn’t come down.

Hopefully that kind of make sense.

If that makes sense?


That’s strange, it doesn’t happen when I try adding a collection to your account. Can you please try doing this in aa different browser in case this is causing the issue and let us know what happens?


Thanks Ellis, I noticed that it works absolutely fine on safari, but not on google chrome.

I’ll have to use safari to create playlists for a while.


Ok that’s good to know. We will look into this and see if we can figure out why it’s not working in Chrome for you. Which operating system are you using?


I use macintosh. Just to let you know that the drop down box seems to be working now :).


Great, thanks for letting me know!