Stripe Payment error


Hi Airbit Team,

i had a customer who tried to buy beats with his credit card.
But after he processed it, it says that he has not enough on his card.
But he said he already said that he loaded his card with enough money.
What is the problem here? Maybe the money still missing on his card?
Please help me out with some suggestions.


Hey @GTownBeatZ. It sounds like he is using a pre-paid card - we don’t accept most of these, so if he has another debit/credit card he should be able to check out without issue (we accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express).

If any charge is showing on his account it will only be temporary and will’ve been reversed immediately. Refunds will take a few working days to be reach the customer.

If his card was not a pre-paid card, it may be fraud prevention by the card issuer. A quick call from the customer to confirm it’s him making the payment will resolve the issue