I am not new to this site or producing at all. However, for some reason I am struggling to get any sales. I sale on beat every now and then. I am marketing on websites like twitter. I currently have over 5,700 followers. Whenever I come across an artist they seem to always want something for free. For example “Yo I’m really feelin those beats man, you should send some to my email…” Now if you go to my website ( you see that I am not overcharging. So why is it that I’m having a hard time?


nah your not over charging! and im having the same problem your beats sound good did u put them out there? like youtube or soundclick or soundcloud?


I have them all over the place except soundclick.


you should put them on soundclick and everywhere else you can upload your beats to… it’s great that you have your own site but if your just now starting out online i would focus on promoting on sites that already get a lot more traffic daily than your website will and that would equal more plays and hopefully more sales…


i use tweetdeck to find artist looking for beats. i search 2 columns “send beats to” and " how much for a beat"

it weeds out some of the dead beat artist or if i do give a free beat. i tag it with a stamp that says my website name

jump on forums to build with artist to like is one


I would also recommend that you sell through google check out or PayPal (Individual track packs) EXAMPLE

Sadly enough, about 80% of artists that I meet or run into ask for free beats… Set them up with a discount code for 25%-50% off their first purchase. If they still are not willing to buy anything then they really are not worth your time… get them to sign up for your mail-list but don’t think for a sec. you could win this over… Rap stars now in days are people without any job and are too lazy to get up and get one to pave their path in the music industry… (If any advice is taken… TAKE THIS - Start adding and talking to their friends…You never know, his friend might have a job!) :slight_smile:


You have to let artist know that electricity is not free nor is your time. Let them know if 50 Cents can pay for a beat so can you. 100


LOL… fast forward to two years after you made this post and you have a Gold record under your belt for “Try Me” from Dej Loaf. Its cool to read this and see that you were struggling to make sales yet today you got a huge following on Youtube and a gold record plaque … just goes to show… you never know where you will be a year from now. Everybody Keep Grinding !