Subscription model - we need this asap!



Just discovered this video and I think this is a game changer:

What do you think about?
I think this feature would be awesome on airbit. But it should be implemented in the player…


I think this would be an amazing option for the airbit beat store.


Yea I agree this would be dope.

Airbit needs this ASAP, along with the editable page like Beatstars has.


Can anybody at Airbit let us know if this is something that could happen?


I think it’s time for new features… and this is really the most important!
I can do a membership but for example clickfunnels is $97 a month and too expensive for upcoming producers… please start working on new business models and don’t miss the new trends of the digital marketing game…


Still wondering if this could happen or not, and if so, are we talking near or distant future?


Beatstars and Soundgine are already offering this. Don’t personally know any producers who are doing this but I’m curious to see if they are getting customers to subscribe.


I don’t see beatstars is offering this? only soundgine…


They’ve announced that they will be offering this soon.


ok awesome, do you have a link to this announcement?


I read this on facebook, it didn’t officially come from beatstars and you are correct…they are not currently offering this option.


He is right, they are offering it from 16th April.

I am still a member over there (only recently switch to Airbit, been like 10days or so now)

We all got the email informing us about it. To be honest though Im not sure if its gonna work.

Ive seen Soundgine have it for a while now and seen a few of there producers have implemented it on their sites but its stuff like:

Basic Package ($14.99 per month) get 10 free beats every month (MP3 only)
Premium ($19.99 per month) get 15 free beats every month (WAV)
Superior ($49.99 per month) get 25 free beats every month (unlimited licence)

Those are some of the examples I’ve seen and to be honest, I don’t like. If you’re promising 25 free beats every month then I suspect to meet the demands you’re going to lose the quality in your work. Im not saying its impossible, I mean I myself can achieve those numbers but I just don’t like the model/idea.

Maybe someone has a way to use this feature much better.


I think offering more beats per package is ok but shouldn’t be the only thing you’re offering.

Like you said, the quality could suffer if you’re trying to pump out so many beats per month. Personally I wouldn’t offer that many beats for such a low price.

Producers could offer things like: discounts on mixing & mastering services, social media shoutouts (if you have a big following), advice on how the artist can get better, marketing tactics, monthly Q&A’s, exclusive contests, etc. It could be anything that adds value to the customer, but at the same time it shouldn’t be too much work for you or it won’t be worth it.


Why did u make the switch to Airbit?


I like the beat player and the backend functions better.


Yes. What I like about Airbit players is that it shows the number of beats & plays you have.

That’s good for establishing authority & social proof before someone even presses the play button.


Exactly bro…

Some things can be slightly tweaked and improved with regards to the stats but as you said I prefer this layout better.


The beatstars membership is only for pro page user, no integration in the blaze player.

Soundgine is offering both, VUE site and Hydra Player.

I’m not sure about to switch to Soundgine becuase they have not a lot of traffic to the marketplace I guess.
But I also don’t know if I ever be in the charts on airbit to take advantage of the “top 10” etc, on the frontpage.

I know marketing (email list etc.) and dope beats is important but I think a good player (like Hydra) and Subscription service is important too…

I have to think about my plan for 2019… any thoughts from you?



Your link sir:


I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m disappointed that no one from Airbit has responded to this post. I generally don’t make a big deal about updates and added features, but this one just seems like one that makes sense.