Subscription model - we need this asap!


Thanks for the link man! I saw the live stream yesterday.
I would like to have the membership on the player to embed it into my wordpress site. but it’s only for pro page.


Really? I didn’t know that part. There’s an opportunity right there for airbit to improve upon beatstars. I would love to see airbit get more involved with it’s subscribers like beatstars does. Beatstars does these producer meetups in various cities, they go live on instagram and give constant tips and updates. I just wanna see airbit win and take back it’s title of being the superior beat store that it used to be.


I agree with this… I agree with it even more so that I’m actually UK based and so is Airbit so it would be great for all UK producers as well as others.

I liked the idea that BeatStars did those meet ups but they were all (90%) of the time US based.


Wow, I didn’t even know Airbit was in the UK. That’s the 1st place the meet ups should start but in all honesty, the meet ups can be happening all over the world, simultaneously. All it would take is for Airbit to reach out to some cats in some of the major areas known for having musicians and delegate them to have the meet ups. I know in some cases cats were doing meet ups at Starbucks or other places where it was free of charge. Hell, I’d be down to host one.


Yeah it can definitely be done bro. This idea of just getting together and vibing/sharing ideas is what this would be all about.