Suggestion: Player


Thanks for providing this great platform. Everything is amazing.

My suggestion is to the player.

  1. When opening the menu sidebar the menu should push / slide the entire playlist with it as well so that the beat titles and transport controls remain visible. Opposed to it covering the playlist titles and controls which could cause unwanted selections and mistakes when trying to close.

  2. There should be a way to always access and purchase the current beat being played without having to scroll back through the playlist and find that beat again if they have moved on or lost their spot.

  3. Search bar should reappear on Scroll Up / Down Swipe or always remain under the menu bar. No need to always sit at the top of the playlist if you want to find a beat you just heard / saw…

  4. Is there a possibility of a “recently played” search option? Perhaps appears when they touch / click the search bar?

I love the way the player works and looks as of right now. Just my suggestions on ways we could improve the customers shopping experience and hopefully lead to more sales for the artist. Hopefully these will be taken into consideration.


I like all these suggestions bro and I think they would be a great addition to the Airbit player.


Thanks bro. Hopeful the airbit staff takes notices and sees we are moving slower than the competition as far as providing the best customer experience


Hey @A100DRUMZ thanks for your feedback, everyone of those ideas is a good one, and certainly something we can look at implementing.

We’re currently working on developing a completely new store, so improvements to the current store will be minimal whilst we focus our efforts on this.

I’ve now passed your ideas on to the dev team to consider

Thanks again!


Thanks for listening and sharing the feedback. Cant wait to see what you guys have in the works.