Suggestions for our HTML Music Players


any chance that you add the following features to all html players?

  1. How about if the licensing preview pop up in our html stores, shows which files are included on each license:

  2. Please give us the ability to set beats as SOLD

Thanks for your audience!!


here is an example for sold beats:


Thanks for your suggestions @grimdelarosa. The included files are currently shown on the Marketplace, and we can certainly consider adding these to the personal stores as well.

And marking beats as Sold is something we are considering adding so you may see this added in future.

Thanks again for your ideas, let us know if you have more!


Its been a while i suggested this. just to know, is there a typical time frame of how long it will take to be implemented?


Updates/changes can come at any rate, and unfortunately there’s no average time. This change has not been confirmed to be added any time soon, but it is certainly something we’re considering