Tagged files and MP3s are not processing



I set up an account yesterday and uploaded a couple beats as a WAV and after a few minutes they both were converted to mp3s and and a tagged file was generated with no issues.

Today I’ve tried multiple times and the WAV loads up fine, but the tagged file sits there ‘currently processing’ but never finishing, and the MP3 throws an message saying ’ there has been an error, please re-upload’

Is there currently a problem with the system? I’ve been trying for 12 hours and I’m getting the same results!




I’m having the same issues, infact all of my beats became untagged.


Hi guys, sorry for the delayed response, and sorry for any inconvenience caused. There was a temporary issue affecting file processing (including tagging) over the weekend which has since been fixed. All files are uploading and processing as normal now. Thanks for your patience whilst we addressed this