Taxes / Invoices (Producer from Germany)


Hey guys!

I‘m from Germany and our tax system is pretty complicated. So my question is how the process looks like if I sell a beat.

Do I have to write an invoice to the buyer? Does Airbit write an invoice to me and to the customer? Do I write an invoice to airbit?

I hope you guys can help me out :slight_smile:


Hey @VictaBeats. We don’t provide an invoice, but they will receive a payment confirmation email from Paypal which contains details of their order.

(They also receive an order confirmation from us, but this is not used for tax purposes - it just confirms the order and contains their download link)


Okay thank you! But what do I receive when I sell a beat?
Does someone has a screenshot what he gets? Maybe “seller” & “buyer” instead of the real names ^^

That would be really really helpful.
I saw a few questions like mine but no useful answer :confused:


Your email from us will look something like this:

I don’t have a Paypal email to show you, but it will provide details of the payment to you, such as the Paypal transaction ID, Airbit order number, amount, date, buyer’s info, etc.


You are awesome! Thank you so much!! :blush: