The disturbing truth about building your own websites. You will be shocked!


Found this on future producers & its really interesting. I agree with a little bit of what was said.

Your thoughts?


It seems to me this guy is incredibly misinformed. What exactly are you agreeing with here? From what I understand, he is basically saying, for example, OGE beats makes all of his sales through the mfs marketplace and almost zero sales from You really believe that? Do you believe that for anyone in the top 10?

How many artists out there are only buying one beat at a time from the marketplace vs. getting a deal from the producer?

Most artists are finding producer websites through youtube and soundcloud. When artist come to mfs, they are definitely typing that artist name into google afterward.

A few things that I noticed about similarweb… 1. When I ran his experiment it consistently said there wasn’t enough information to provide the details about where people are going after they leave the website. That was the case for almost all of the major producers I typed in.

  1. Those same producers are indeed getting a minimum of 20,000 visits a month, with the really good months being double to quadruple that (20k-80k). These guys are definitely making sales direct from their website.

  2. It says only a small percentage of their page views are coming from social media. Here’s what it’s not telling you…

The people coming in from social media, specifically youtube and soundcloud (which are consistently the 2 highest sources of social media hits by 80-90% vs. facebook/twitter making up 10-20%) are SUPER targeted. If a site is getting 1% of it’s 20k visits from social media, that means on a bad month that’s 200 people interested in your beats are coming to your sales page (your website, which is why you see players on the 1st page, typically the only page if you’re smart). 800 to 1000 on a good month.

And that’s just youtube.

Don’t let this guy fool you. Ask him what’s his website and see if he is getting that many views/targeted views and if he is on par and not making a dime from his website then you might want to investigate further.

This guy is making a lot of assumptions with not a lot of information and then ignoring the info that actually is there lol. Interesting read indeed.


It’s posts like that why I left a decade ago. And then you have people you’re supposed to be looking up to agreeing with it blindly like yup, I agree, with no reasoning behind it other than it sounding good to them (mainly because they aren’t as successful as producers as they are at posting in a forum.)

Make your website, it doesn’t cost much to just find out for yourself. Then you can take your own word for it.


I agree with what he said about the websites not showing PayPal info in similar web.

But, what he doesn’t understand is, websites have that have a MFS or BS player will be redirected to PayPal when someone makes a purchase, therefore they will get that credit and not the producers website.

Similar web isn’t that accurate. It shows that I get 10k visits when I actually get 1k at the most.


Shoutout to Dreamstar doing her thing over there at soundgine…I was thinking the same thing lol.

I think we need to stop taking “futureproducers” seriously. I said I left a decade ago, but it’s actually been even longer than that. Just got sick of reading nonsense from people who have done nothing. Not gonna name names, but there were some damned fools on that forum that loved to lead newbies in the wrong direction.

People can’t seem to admit they don’t know what they don’t know.

Have you ever tried talking to an actual producer you look up to? Just ask them…they’ll tell you. Better you get your info from them rather than some guy in a forum that has done nothing with their music.

That’s how I got most of my business education…I learned directly from the people who are where I want to be.


I agree with you your opinion. These so called beat selling sites actually need us producers to exist. If as a producer you understand a bit of how search engine optimization works and keyword research you would find out you don’t need these so called beat retail sites and go directly to the consumers which are the artists themselves. Im chronikbeats an afrobeat producer who also mixes and masters and i can say very well that having your website not only makes you look professional but also pays when your a master at your craft. You can check out my site at and you’d see for yourself. Keep believing in your dream and don’t invest your time and craft growing someone else’s idea or website.