Tip about adwords


Here is a helpful tip for anyone who’s used google adwords for traffic or is thinking about it.

If you’re gonna buy traffic, don’t buy traffic to your website… Buy the the traffic to a YouTube video of one of your beats.

Just google “YouTube adwords” to do this

The reason why is that if you write links to your site in description people will still go to your website if they are serious about buying your beat or wanna hear more music.
In the meantime that is boosting the likes and views of your video. For those who don’t know YouTube will rank your video better the more views and activity it has. The more views you have the more your video will show up in the search results if it is properly titled and tagged for things people search like “hip hop beats” or “x artist style rap beat” etc.

Now once your video is ranking in YouTube in related videos and search results, there are two benefits… This will be FREE advertising for your beats and website that you don’t have to pay for.

The other benefit, and this is huge, is that if you are signed up in the YouTube partner program, even if people don’t buy your beat, you will still be earning PASSIVE income for the views you get. This is huge, I don’t know about you guys but for me any kind of passive income feels good to have even if it’s not a lot. It might not seems like you are earning a lot with one video, but imagine if you have 20 beats uploaded on YouTube and they are all ranking and getting traffic, that will add up in terms of money from YouTube and passive income. All you need is a simple video of your beat just your logo and the music, really easy. And the potential for YouTube for producers is huge I think, because you can get into beat making videos. Also here is something I am not 100% sure about but I think if you wanna earn more from YouTube, you can actually upload SONGS that artists have recorded to your beats, provided that you get the artists permission to upload the song and let them know your account is monetized. Usually artists will agree cause it’s free promotion for them. If you have a lot of dope songs that people have recorded to your beats, which I know a lot of you guys do, that is a lot more videos you can upload to your YouTube that will all be making you money.

Hope this helps!


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Wow Bagelz, that ingenious! Some really good information in your post. I’m definitely taking this into consideration. Two Thumbs Up


This is a real cool thread, I thought about finding those really popular videos of people falling over and crashing etc and putting it to your own beat, or people doing silly dances anything that’s fun and already has that viral effect.


karma up for that yo !


Fantastic information! this works for all styles. Thank you