Tips For Selling Beats


Hey guys. So I’ve been producing for over a year now, and just recently I have joined this site. I havent sold 1 beat yet. My main self promotion is on twitter, but even that doesnt really work well. I’ve had artists DM me but they end up never replying. I am wondering if you guys can give me some tips on promotion, how to sell etc. I know it isnt that my beats suck, because I know they dont, and i’ve been told so. Im currently on here, SoundClick, and Soundcloud. I have my twitter page, an IG, but no Facebook page. Anything helps. Thanks!


My advice would be to check the blog on this site. There are always new and innovative ways of selling beats, being posted there. Also search through the Blog archive for a lot of good ol’ info.


i use youtube to get artist’s t notice my tracks…and when they hit my email…i do a google chat with them online about their next projects…

you have to make the artist feel comfortable buying from you…do youtube videos of yourself making beats…artist’s are visual so when they see you having fun making beats…then they wanna trust you more…also dont try to sell the beat 2 the artist…ask questions that make the artist convince himself on why he should buy a beat from you…

like Have u ever bought a beat online b4???

How many tracks are on your next mixtape???

does this beat fit your style???

OK Here is the link…freestyle or write a song 2 this beat…then get back 2 me when u ready…

Thats how i sell beats…i ask comfortable questions that focus on the artist and away from the money…they usually buy from me then :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


Thanks fam


Great tips :slight_smile:


Hey I use to put my beats online but after my artist started coming to me asking if I could download a beat off YouTube for him to write, i found it very funny that it was a way. So I started tagging my beats with purchase your tracks all over them. I would say YouTube is good but for me only for live feeds. How did you make the most of YouTube or have you got hit with this type of situation yet?


most mu sales come from youtube…i put my links in my videos and they click and buy


I have the same problem. I have youtube as well, and a decent amount of subscribers and views. Still doesn’t work for me.


Hey Alexander and Tomis…take what I say with a grain of salt because even though I have future plans to launch my production business, I have yet to do so and actually have never sold a beat through a myflashstore player.

That being said…if you listen to what I’m about to tell you, I promise you’ll be better off and you might get some sales sooner than later…

Alex, Issue #1 you have to create value. Right now, your player has beats that are priced at 4 different prices for the same exact license. It makes a customer confused about what they are buying and hesitant to select one over the other. When you create hesitation, more often than you’d like, your potential customer will simply decide NOT to decide. They aren’t going to sit there and try to figure out what’s best for them simply because they are afraid of making the wrong decision. So you have to eliminate those things from your points of purchase.

Make all of the licenses the same price for the same license type. If you want to use a different price then you have to educate your consumer on the difference. It’s fine and actually recommended to have 3 or 4 price points, but make sure it’s for 3 or 4 difference license types. Example $20 for mp3 $30 for wav $60 for trackout. Don’t let someone scroll down and see a $5 mp3 for no reason. It’s not confusing for you, but it is to them.

Issue #2…your website can’t be your twitter bro. I mean it can…but as you can see it’s not going to help you drive traffic that lead to sales. You need a place to send your twitter followers to. Might as well be your own website. There you can sell more than just beats if you wanted to. But yeah…no one knows where to go to buy your beats. And we talked about creating value…you gain great value when you have an actual homepage where they see other artists have interacted with you and trust you. You can’t do that on or whatever. Make a website…spend a couple hundred and invest in your business…pay someone to make it look professional to eliminate any hesitation.

Issue #2.5…and it’s not about glitz a glamour…a clean layout is going to increase your sales. I don’t want to have to find the buy now button or how to dl the free beat you were telling me about…wait what?

Issue #3…if you’re not making sales, it means you have no clients and if you have no clients its because in spite of all of any of the marketing you’ve been doing, you have done little to nothing when it comes to customer retention. Everyone who you finally convinced to check out your music on your flashstore, soundcloud, youtube whatever will go there, listen to your music and you’ll never have any idea who they where, where they’re from, what they want or nothing. As a matter of fact, they could even bookmark your flashstore, come and listen to your music every day for the next 30 days and you’d have no idea you have a fan…Start gathering leads my friend…and the easiest way is to offer some music in exchange…i mean you do make music right? You should have plenty of that to go around then…Just give out the same track over and over again if you want. Just make sure you collect some email or info when they DL your stuff.

Only other thing I would add is make sure you keep up with your site man…your myflash page isn’t even up to date, so I don’t even know how you’ll be with your own site. You say you have discounts, but nope…you add beats and they are all full price. I mean that may seem like nothing to some people reading this, but hopefully I wake some of ya’ll up.

You can’t complain about not getting any sales when you’re not even doing the MINIMUM of what successful businesses in your field are doing. Not saying do the same thing…I’m saying put in the same effort, the same work ethic, the same drive to learn more. You guys have plenty of examples here and elsewhere of places you would personally buy beats online. If you wouldn’t buy it, why would anyone else buy it? You have to be honest with yourself…i understand it can be hard to step back and see what you really have in front of you, but even with a quick eye test you should be able to see what you’re missing…just be honest.

Tomis…Where are your discounts? How are you creating value? Where are your BEATS?! Come on man…if anyone wanted an actual number on how many beats you should have available to sell here it is…30 beats. If you don’t have 30 beats in your store, there is a strong chance you aren’t selling because you have nothing to choose from. Can’t do bulk discounts if you only have 10 beats. Are you gonna just sell your entire store then? Nah, add some more beats man. You do make music right? You can have a million youtube subscribers…if you only have 10 beats to choose from you might not get a single sale. I mean you would but you i think you get the point…

Get a website, make some discounts to move your product, and just let people know you actually exist and are doing this. Sounds like you know how to make youtube videos and get twitter followers, cool…now just tell them what to do whenever you’re ready.

And don’t forget to keep track of these people…get their info if they want something from you. is pretty dope for that. There’s all kinds of stuff out there though.

(Notice in all of that I talked NOTHING about music…only business…it’s the part every producer is missing…if you’re a producer I assume you have the music part down…now you just have to post your stuff and let them know you did.)


Great question Alexander, can i ask exactly what you’re doing on twitter?, there are defiantly some over saturated tactics on twitter that i personally feel are dying! If you learn things like YouTube SEO i can almost guarantee you’ll find that a a hell of a lot more profitable.

This might help you out -


I agree very much that YouTube is the way to go


I really like your thoughts and energy. I use to focus on how fancy my site till I started looking towards functionality and effective selling tactics and then redesigned my site which has ultimately improved sales on my site.


I agree with you it does not make sense having a store to sell your beats through Airbit when they turn around and give them all away for free on youtube and still pay them a monthly service fee on top of the 30% or 40% they make if the guy who downloaded the free beat gets 600,00 views to make only $535. That is so stupid so i canceled right now. that fool gsarcade is full of shit. When I buy beats online they never ask me questions I just buy them and download them.