Tracklib is a terrible service for beat leasing rappers and producers


ok so a lot of producers are buzzing about tracklib for cheap sample clearances… its not posted on their website nor has any one who interviewed them had the where with all to ask how this service works for beat leasing so i contacted them myself and asked. what i was told both last april and last month is that after a producer already pays the sample clearance fee and leases the beat,every artist who leases the beat also has to pay the sample clearance and give up a percentage of their royalties to tracklib. this ads a hidden price tag to all your beats using a tracklib sample if your using class C samples this may double or triple what your beats actually cost but if you use a class B or A now add $500 and $2500 respectfully imagine you just payed $25 for a beat that has a hidden $2500 fee plus lose and additional 25% of your royalties.