Traffic but no sales


Hi everyone, as the titles says, i get decent traffic but no sales, so either it is my beats or my website and im not to proud to admit it can be something im bad at. So if anyone can take the time to check out my site to let me know what you think it is that is keeping me from getting sales i would really appreciate that greatly.




I went to your website. Its pretty plain and spread out. It not bad but not good either.

My suggestion to you would be to move things around a bit and give people a reason to buy your beats. Beat sales don’t just “happen”. You’ve gotta offer value and connect with people.

Also, I’d make a new “welcome video” which “speaks to” new site visitors. Tell them about you. (Play the role of a visitor - ask yourself, what would you like see in that video if you were a new visitor?) and put that in the video and then add that new video to the main content part of your homepage.

Good Luck.


I’ve designed a lot of sites, so I could go into a lot of details about this, however I have only one major question.

Why do you have the same navigation twice on the page and one of them covering up the search form? This boggles my mind, blatant mistake. You should remove the top one.

Put all of that copy / text below the music player. Keep the copy light above the player in your case since it’s non-appealing to look at. If it was designed, that would be different.

Hit me up if you want any advice. My beat store is only at phase 1, probably going to create a separate website in the future and redesign completely for that, just don’t have a good producer name yet. Feel free to check mine out for example right now tho. My beat store.


Thank you for the input, i have redesigned my entire site, take a look


@Mazaad taken another look, the navigation is fixed but there are a few things that still bug me. I’m actually going to be writing a blog post on this so I’ll be linking you to help out.

First, drop the commenting. I forget where (cause I usually do this in code) but I’m pretty sure it’s in the Admin Settings. Worst case you can get a plugin to hide comments per page. Commenting is only a good convention on blog posts, not on pages! It’s just ugly and distracted.

Users headers and such to make the text after the player to be clear.

You don’t want to use a theme with a sidebar on your Pages, that’s fine for blog posts but not pages. Your eye is now trying to figure out what to look at, you simply want to only be looking at the player when listening to the music. Once the person is sold on the music they will scroll up and down to find all of the other information about you. You want all of this information displayed vertically in a logical flow for people to get what they want. I’ll go into this more in the blog post.


I have no idea how to turn off the comments on just the pages, i cant find that option anywhere (im no coder you see). And its getting really annoying, i have done everything i know of to make people buy my beats and still nothing…i get decent amount plays but not a…single…sale. It cant just be that my website looks the way it does, i do something wrong that i have no idea im doing and it bugs me out.


Try this for comments.


Thank you, that solves that issue but i still need help with my sales, any expert that can help me? Im desperate


Do you have a mailing list ?
Money and Sales is on Mailing list, trust me !


Not yet, i have been redesigning my site so its not implemented yet. Still, a mailing list os only good if someone signs up on it


That’s the thing, you defnitely should focus on getting mailing list members, for years i would give out free beats in exchange for emails, which i still do but i have like 25 beats that i keep free on a page, in order to access them an artist has to sign up to the mailing list.

also im assuming you have a youtube where you upload beats and content. if you don’t i highly recommend it. youtube is one of the most powerful platforms to get sales but it takes work.

also you should run a sale like 5 leases for $20 [just a suggestion] and make a banner promoting the sale and post it
on the top of your page.

if you do run a sale, hit me on twitter @SeriousBeatsPro so i can retweet for you
i have over 50k real followers

just trying to help you anyway i can


I am running a 4 beats for the price of 1 right now, so if you could retweet that, i would be thankful :slight_smile:

Im @antimagus on twitter, i just followed you there


i got you right now, hopefully i can get some people your way


Thanks man, appreciate that.


same here… i know my site is not top noch… and i now have a company building a full pro custom site. so i dont do much with this due to the lack of sale’s… i will focus on my new site when it is ready to launch.


Your beats sound good, but there’s a lot of repetitiveness I think you should watch this video it may help you.
this guy is very good at explaining how to make your beats more exciting. I watch all of his videos.


I agree, he’s really good, i watch him as well.

Maybe i have some beats that are repetitive but i recently ran a “get 4 beats for the price of 1” and still no one even bought a single beat, i swear im cursed, i dont know how many months i have been trying and trying with all kinds of things but not 1 single sale, im about to quit.


Don’t train your mind to quit. Train your mind to enjoy the challenge. If you train your mind to be negative there’s a good chance the outcome will be that. I haven’t played your beats but assuming they’re decent your marketing, targeting and quality of traffic might all have something to do with no sales. Which brings me to my next point - the “4 beats for the price of one sale” For example: Let’s say you get a lot of traffic but most of that traffic is people looking for hip hop beats and you mainly sell trap beats. Plus 70% off that traffic is people looking for free beats. Now, if these artists saw you had a “4 beats for the price of 1” sale it’ll probably be of little of interest to them. Just making the point that you need to get any promotions you have “in front of the right people” Think about it - you offered 4 beats for the price of 1 but didn’t make a sale - If your beats are decent then you must be missing your target market completely. (Such as tweeting the same message over and over to artists who want free beats etc)

I’m sure you love making music - so don’t quit when things seem really slow. You need a lot of patience in this industry - things don’t happen over night. Go back to the drawing board - check your site out (make sure it’s professional, easy to use, easy to buy from etc) , identify what type of people would like your beats and try to reach them. Test out different marketing. Try a facebook video ad. Try a youtube ad. Build more relationships with artists and rappers that fit the style of your beats. Don’t always hit people with “yo right now get 4 beats for the price of 1” - Instead try sharing information that matters that to your target audience, or give them some quality advice. If people see you bringing quality to their inbox they will start to remember you and will take you more seriously when you start to present any promo sales to them.


Where is your traffic coming from? Are you using google analytics to test who’s actually coming to your page and measuring the bounce rate?


I have a blog and i also ran a Facebook ad recently. I have google analytics and my bounce rate has been 6.88% the last 30 days.