Traffic but no sales


Hi Mazaad.
Sales came from Mailing List, don’t forget this.


Beats are perfectly fine. Just market it alot.

Also since everybody ignored my post… can atleast someone here give me feed back on my beats?. No mercy please.


I have listened to your beats, and i liked them a lot, i’ll await some more feedback from the other guys here but they are hot, have you worked out who your target market is?


What’s up man. You’ve reviewed my beats about 3 weeks ago. I think I’ve gotten better since then. Tel me what you honesty think about my recent ones.


Hey man, i salute you, keep making those beats, they are hot, my head actually started bumpin, thats a good sign, just keep in mind that you always need to learn, always need to improve your sound, especially when it’s good, that makes sense to you?


Good job @FashoTimeProductions stepping it up. I would be careful that your bass isn’t too hot (Unpredictable Thinking), it’s a thing I always am fighting with especially without a bass. As well, remember to ask yourself what’s driving this track, for instance with Nightly Winds, there’s a point where the drums, keyboard and strings are all competing to be upfront, don’t be afraid to cut the high end or low end from an instrument to soften it, bring down a level or put heavy reverb to make something background sounding.

Regardless you have improved greatly, getting a lot better quickly. Keep at it, we all have plenty to learn. And honestly, learning is the fun part!!!

I am striving to have strong kicks / bass that play well with each other but also try and make sure my low frequencies doesn’t too far exceed the other frequencies, I find it sits better in my ear. When it’s too out of balance, I find my ears get tired cause they are over powered by a single sound.

Here’s a screenshot from a plugin I used called SPAN, which is simply just a metering tool. I like it because I can put a straight line (the white cross hair line) across all the frequencies to see if my bass is crazy higher than my other frequencies. This is a rule of thumb, not all tracks are equal.

Also these two videos dissecting J Dilla beats in mixing made me think heavily about how I approached bass. Not that I emulate, but just when he breaks down the kick vs bass, it was like an “Awwwwww” moment.

Dissecting Dilla pt. 1
Dissecting Dilla pt. 2


I checked ur site and it’s not that the beats are bad but their specific to old school genre/old hip hop heads which requires a specific demographic…


Do you have any tips on how i can get people to trust me as a beat seller, right now people either believe im a scammer or they just don’t care about my beats at all, even though they are hot. Any ideas?


I visited your site and a few things popped up at me. 1- I would change that banner that says 100% unique beats guaranteed and make a higher quality banner (or have someone do it for you) advertising some sort of special. Also yes you have a blog but you aren’t talking about anything that an artist will care about (no offense I assume since you asked for help you are okay with receive constructive feedback). You have a few articles in your blog like the video’s that does not necessarily target artist more like producers. Unless you have a service that is for producers these articles will not help you. Ex: How to get better at music producing, How To Make Hip Hop Beats. Also in your blog you talk alot about you. No one cares if you want to sell beats drive traffic by writing article that artist will see as valuable.


As for how your site looks, its very simple but perfect to make sales! (Trust Me, Im a Ecommerce Pro Site Builder) Problem is that now days you have more producers entering the game daily so you have to get clients instead of letting them come to you. In other words, you must make friends, build relationships, then send them to your website for purchase! This = consistent client/buyer!

I know because i sold beats over 12 years online and made a living for a while from it. Im now the owner of where i have used my tactics to get it started. I also put most of the powerful knowledge i learned during my 12 years into low low priced ebooks that gets to the point on how to build brand and relationships! Link to those is on my other website:!/Ultimate-Ebooks-for-Beatmakers/c/11196281/offset=0&sort=normal


Amen to that!


What about my website??? Help!


I honestly dont think your layout has anything to do with ppl not buying beats… It just may be whatever sound they are looking for they haven’t found it on your site… or they found it but being cheap and not wanting to buy it… You site looks fine… you already have the traffic… so just keep pumping out beats… offer some deals, you will get sales

the site is fine


@darcyvoutt Yo what’s up again bro lol. Now here’s another few weeks of me improving on my beats and using your advice about reverb so my second melodies are not battling with my leads and also when you advise me watching my bass. Check out my latest ones and see if you like them.


Keep going bro, just keep working hard


I’m having the same issue with mine ( no sales yet but would appreciate feedback. As we speak I’m trying to build relationships with artists who ARE PREPARED TO PAY. Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated


I get alot of traffic but no sales, if anyone can take the time to check out my site to let me know what you think it can be thats keeping me from getting sales i would really appreciate that


your logo is not as clear as it could be,your beats don’t auto play,if you can turn it off the price range is a turn off to me just show the lowest price and let them see the premium and exclusive prices when they click on the beat,make all your exclusive prices the same price having different prices on exclusives is confusing and makes it look like you are trying to get over on the artist


If you have a budget I can help with major artist and placements easy via collabs. it’s not a one time thing we can keep working. also I have a bunch of artist emails too

Beats will be sent to Soulja Boy , Migos , French Montana , Oj da juiceman , Dolph & many more


I’m having the same issues, can somebody please review my site and give me some answers:

Plays but no sales, seriously getting like over 100/day sometimes… wtf