Traffic No Sales


Hello guys,

I’m getting some traffic, from my FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram & my website. I’m getting between 300-500 plays per week. I’m wondering why I’m not converting these plays and visits into sales. I am hosting my website through Wix. I haven’t been able to get my domain name transferred from BandZoogle yet so I am using the wix name. But here it is:

I’m just trying to figure what I can do to improve and start converting this traffic into sales. I also have a good bounce rate 37%. So I know people are interested. Just not sure why I can’t get them to buy.

Thanks in advance.


Maybe its an issue of trust they dont know you yet so they are not buying plus your url logo and tags are not the same comes across as iffy. Is that traffic paid or organic?


It’s a bit of both. I do posts to YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, as well as ads on those platforms.