Trouble with promotional content on youtube and instagram

Hey whats going on you all,

i wanted to get any good info when it comes to posting beats on youtube and instagram using free promotional tactics. Youtube i see as a huge search engine which means theirs a high chance of competition due to the number of producers in the world. Im struggling with ranking and even getting my content seen. I’ve posted content only to get just about 30 views max. My stats have always been the same and i try to use relative word searches that match up with what i post but no results

Need advice

Here’s my channel

Maybe you’d better get your own site? You won’t have to learn JS from scratch, there are site templates. There’s a cool stuff called white label social media management platform, here it is, there’s a large library of templates and tools and it’s very easy to make a site not knowing much programming.

There are two things that can be done. Either create your own website for your own content (there is a plethora of sites available along with free game to play to guide you with that) but for that too you will need to SEO your website to increase its rank or secondly you can share your YT videos among all your contacts, and on social media. Market your content.Views will increase for sure!

Im saying promotional tactics having my own site wont help thats more work and i just want to know who to go to or talk with or to find free ways to promote my beats and other genres of music i make.

It will help, your not going to be successful if your not willing to learn and work harder. But good this makes it a little easier for people who are.

Ask someone who is already into this business.He/she might give you some really good solution and tips for your problem. Also this free amazon prime guide is useful to get free amazon prime account.

Hey, RichyRich2100!
Don’t use youtube for my promotion, only Instagram. I think it’s so much better platform to promote yourself. But in order to be in their search engine algorithms, you need to have an attractive account. How could you increase attractiveness? Get rid of bots and fake accounts. It is a huge problem for all accounts and Instagram rarely ban them, so you have to deal with them on your own. I advise using antispam services. Personal recommendation based on my experience is

You can try likigram, the best tool to buy Instagram likes!

Maybe you should somehow make your product more attractive? When it comes to youtube, you can make some catchy video. I can recommend this videoeditor, there are lots of useful functions and it’s easy to use.

You’re doing great! It’s a pity you don’t get many views. Maybe you should somehow change your tactics? Like, you know, it’s important when you post your stuff, where you promote it, etc.