Two Vertical Scroll Bars in HTML5 Store


The div with id=“player-wrapper” has the CSS property “overflow-y:auto;” set to it, which enables the browsers scrollbar. AirBit already has the custom purple scrollbar, so the browser displays two vertical scrollbars right next to each other. This is such a simple fix, set the CSS property “overflow-y” on “player-wrapper” to “hidden” instead of “auto”. I have no way of doing this myself, due to cross domain security, but I see that it works when making the change in the developer console. As in, the browser scrollbar is gone but the Airbit scrollbar still remains, and is functional.

The AirBit developers should fix this ASAP! Thanks.


Hi @dmalloy09

Thanks for contacting us with your suggestion about html5 store’s scroll bar. We really appreciate your suggestion and I will forward your proposal to our development team to review so that it can be considered in our future updates plans.

We are always glad to hear your feedback and suggestions as this helps us to improve your experience with us by adding your needed features and services.