Uploading trackouts takes forever


I just uploaded a track out its taken over an hour for a 360mb file, I have fast fibre internet, I also noticed it was slow to upload a 40mb .wav file

Is airbit slow in general?


Hi @tjsidhutech, uploads on Airbit should perform at a normal pace, comparable to any other website. How long are the uploads taking?


Just ran a test with my last uploads, My internet speed at the moment is DL 24 mbps // UP 1-2 Mbps (My upload speed is a little slow)

I uploaded a Wav file 36.2mb in size it took 13 mins & 57 secs on its second attempt, the first attempt failed at 2 mins & 51 Secs “Server Responded with 0 code”

I have Just uploaded a zipped trackout file 161 MB / 0.2GB This took 50 minutes.

Even if my upload speed is 1-2 Mbps i still dont think it should have taken the time it has done.


1-2 Mbps is not ideal for uploading, which would be why it’s taking so long (upload speeds provided by ISPs these days can be 20Mbps+)

The “Server Responded with 0 code” error is most often associated with slow internet speeds, so unfortunately, until this improves, you may continue to encounter upload issues.