Video for HTML Players


Research shows that videos increase engagement. How about we add a video player within the html players… It can either be uploaded directly to airbit such as images are and then linked or assigned to the beat, or it can be linked to an external youtube video via an html link…


This would be a great idea.


I like the general idea BUT most beat videos are not that engaging anyway.

BUT, it would be nice to attach a video URL to its beat in the beat store so that every time the beat(s) is played on out store it would count towards a youtube view as well. The opposition has something like this in place and its great for getting the views up.

cc @EllisHouslin


If they are the animated (like, synced to the beat and sound of the song), I find them entertaining, like how H3Music used to have. :slight_smile:


Definitely. But who we trying to impress here? The producers or the rappers?

I dont think a rapper cares if you have animated videos or not, as long as the beat bangs and speaks to them.

Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to be creative and do things different I’m just saying I doubt it boosts sales, engagement yes but not sales.

If anyone has proof otherwise then I’ll just admit I was wrong and take this seat waaaaaaay back here. Haha


Oh dang that’s true haha

I personally like them for the entertainment factor, seeing the wave thing go high up and really down to the sub-bass is cool :heart_eyes:


Yeah I’m same as you… I like the wave spectrum thing, I also like seeing random vids that have kung fu vids attached to the beats (I used to even do this)


Haha, that reminds me of the GMV’s on Youtube


Thanks for your feedback guys. In general we have chosen to keep our store designs clean and simple, hence the lack of video integration or audio visualisers. Though we are considering something similar to @MessyBeatz’ suggestion about linking the play count, so you may see something like this in the future