Voicetag Issues, Please Help


Hey, first, just let me say I really like the ‘upgrade’ to Airbit! Keep up the good work!

Now for my issue…
I cannot for the life of me get my new Voice Tag to Autotag on my beats. I’ve tried clearing cache/cookies. I’ve deleted the old one, uploaded the new one multiple times. I’ve tried deleting beats and re-uploading them, its STILL using my old voice tag. Today when I checked the Voicetag settings, there was no tag, although I have uploaded it at least 4 or 5 times. So I re-uploaded the new tag, tried to Autotag, STILL not working!

Thanks so much for any help!


Hi @Kahnjah, sorry to see you’re having issues with your voicetag. I’ve checked this out and can see that your new voicetag is not overwriting the old one as it should be when using Autotag. I can’t see an obvious reason for this so there may be a bug affecting it

I’ve now passed this on to the tech team to take a closer look and figure out what’s gone wrong here. Apologies again for any inconvenience and thanks for your patience whilst we look into this


Hey there! Just checking to see if any progress has been made on this Autotag bug? I tried running the Autotag again today to no avail. I’m willing to delete beats are re-upload them, but if that won’t work I don’t really want to go through that.



Hey, I’m having the same issue.
The Autotag feature is not working and I still have the stock “AIRBIT.COM”. Any help would be great, thanks!


Hey man, I think it ended up being something weird with my browser caching data. I ended up sending the voicetag file to my phone, and uploaded it through my phone. Then just select your beats and use the Autotag feature from your phone instead of your computer. Otherwise I’m not sure what to tell ya. Good luck!


@Kahnjah, you were right! It was the cache. I cleared it and now it’s working fine. I’m using a Mac with Safari FYI.