Voicetag When Selling Beats


Hey, sorry if I’ve missed the answer to this somewhere but I was wondering whether my beats will be sold untagged or whether the tag will remain on them? I have set the voicetag to loop every 20 seconds or so to prevent unauthorised use but I wouldn’t want the voicetag playing any way near as much if a beat did get purchased. If someone could clear this up it would be much appreciated as if the tag remains on the beat after purchase I would have to redetermine the loop interval and I would much rather the beat was untagged/tag only plays once when it’s been bought. Thanks.


If you uploaded an "untagged" beat as the first file it will be untagged. If you uploaded a tagged beat as the first file the beat will be tagged when the customer purchases.

So just make sure when you upload beats the first file is the untagged version as this is the file that the customer will receive.


Great. Thanks for the clear answer.