VSTs, Drum Kits, Midi Kits, Loop Kits For Sale


Here’s a brief list of all I have. If you see anything that interest you please email me at delontej64@gmail.com
Looking forward to doing business with you all, have a great day, be blessed and most of all COOK UP!

-Omnisphere 2
-Nexus 2
-Funky Fingers
-Kontakt 5
-Sylenth 1
-Electra X

-WAV Supply (1.8 GBs of MIDI, WAV LOOPS, DRUM KITS Made By Nick Mira, JR Reign, Taz Taylor and More!)
-Gezin 808 Mafia Kits
-Many many more kits to name…its just too many to name lol


Stop selling torrented kits and vst plugins. Here are 6 my go to drum kits for y’all for free:

The 6 Drum Kits (Free DL): http://www.younglepa.com/secret-sauce-6-drum-kits-used-top-selling-beats-2017/