We need a Coupon Unlock Feature


What’s up Airbit???

It seems like you guys aren’t reading these improvement posts anymore but I’ll keep trying till you listen.

We need a “coupon code unlock” feature that let’s producers send out coupon codes but they can only be unlocked if the artists subscribes to your Youtube channel, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email newsletter, etc. You get the idea.

This would be a great way to build up your non main social media accounts.

Also, we need an editable page like what Beatstars and Soundgine have. I’m not sure why you guys haven’t responded with anything yet.

I would also like to be able to sell services on these producer pages. (There’s tons of possibilities here. I’m pretty sure Beatstars and Soundgine have this already.) It would also be amazing if we could embed the “buy now” buttons on our own websites, I’m sure you guys know what I mean.

Seriously guys, what is going on here? I’m not trying to be rude, I just genuinely want to know why it’s taking so long for updates. I like you guys the best out of the 3 major players but you guys are responding way too slow.

(Edit: Watch Beatstars and Soundgine will incorporate the “coupon unlock feature” before you guys do. I know they read these forums for good suggestions. I remember suggesting we should be able to sell soundkits, and boom, right after that suggestion they both implemented it before you guys did. Could it have been a coincidence? Sure, but if they implement a “coupon unlock feature” before you guys do then you know what’s up)


Also, there should be a “GET COUPON” button somewhere on the beat player so that potential buyers can see it.

This would work perfectly with the “coupon unlock feature”.

Please make this happen!!!


One of the main points Airbit made when they did the rebrand was that the new platform would allow them to make updates much faster.

Its been almost a year and 0 new updates have been made.

I like Airbit the best too but they are seriously lacking.

A lot of things need to be updated because it’s old & outdated.

For example:

You can only see data for the last 7 days or 30 days.

This causes data overlap.

If I need to do see how many plays I had on Oct. 18, 2016…it’s not possible.

If I need to see how much money was made for the whole month of October, I’d have to do this manually.

Fucking terrible.

On Beatstars you can choose specific days & months and see all of your detailed data.

Airbit need to provide more data to us.

Also, you can only use 1 GA code on Airbit.


Beatstars let’s u use multiple different GA codes & pixels for different players.

Airbit, you guys need to open an account on BS & study their platform.

Bring all that shit over to Airbit but put your own unique spin on it.

Wake up.




Yes, I totally agree with you. There haven’t been any updates or improvements for a really long period of time. They are just managing the current system. Not happy to say that, but BeatStars has definitely surpassed Airbit in every aspect quite a while ago.


Yep. Beatstars is in the driver seat…soundgine is riding shotgun. Airbit is in the trunk tied up with rope & duct tape.

Airbit cost the same as BS but BS offers tons more value.

That alone should get the blood boiling for Airbit.

But Airbit still not getting it.

I think I understand why Airbit is severely lacking now.

They don’t have a staff.

Only @EllisHouslin responds to emails. He’s the only one that posts on this forum too.

I haven’t seen @wasim.khamlichi post on here in awhile.

He’s probably the one doing all the coding on the platform. :joy::joy::joy:

Airbit brings in millions in revenue from subscriptions.

They should have a real staff or at least be able to hire a company that can get shit done on their platform FAST & EASY.

it should not take so damn long to add the simplest of features.

I can go on & on about this.


Yeah, I’ve noticed the same. I think Ellis probably tries to at least keep Airbit running and provides the minimum service he’s able to do. If nothing changes within the next few months and there are still no updates/news I am going to make the switch to BS. We’ve all been patiently waiting long enough.


Same here, I’m planning to switch to Beatstars.
no updates, no innovations, no news…


Hopefully they read these comments and take it seriously.

We need some answers.


I doubt it.

They took all that time to rebrand only to come back with a few “new” features that their competion already had long before.

They did good adding the share cart feature & FB pixel but guess what.

BS added those same 2 features in a couple days after Airbit dropped.

How’s that for speed.

Only thing bound to happen is @wasim.khamlichi posting here saying “You guys are in for a real treat.”

Then when you see what that “treat” is…it’s 1 new feature that no one really gives a shit about.

There’s only 2 people working for Airbit.

That’s why they are behind.



The fact that Beatstars is set up like a social media platform blows Airbit clean out the water.

I closed a $100 deal just by messaging a dude that kept coming back to my site & listening to my beats.

Can’t do that on Airbit.

Yet they have the nerve to still charge $20 a month.

Airbit should be $5 month from now on.


In case anybody is wondering @triplehomicide is affiliated with Beatstars. I’ve seen him spread his bullshit on the Soundgine forum too.

And although the main point on this thread is valid, this is the kind of shady shit Beatstars does to get more subscribers.

No doubt this triplehomicide character will come respond with some “No, I’m not” type garbage, but be warned guys.


I pay for membership on Airbit & Beatstars…so what you are saying is bullshit.

If I am affiliated with BS then why have I not cancelled my Airbit account?

If I was working for BS, why am I still using Airbit players?

I am disappointed in Airbit because I prefer them over everyone else but they are seriously lacking.

If I’m spending my money every month & the service starts to suck ass then theres going to be complaints about it.

A mass amount of producers jumped ship to BS almost 2 years ago & Airbit has done very little to compete & offer really good service for those that kept their membership like me.

Thats why I’m ranting about Airbit right now.


@triplehomicide Please make your own thread if you want to vent at Airbit.

Airbit, where are the updates? If there’s a reason you guys can’t do some of the things we suggested, that’s cool. It would just be nice if you could let us know what’s going on, or even just let us know what you think about some of these suggestions.

I really don’t want to switch over to anyone else but the lack of updates is troubling, considering you said you upgraded to a platform that would allow you to update the beat player faster.

Any thoughts on the coupon unlock feature? Is this do-able?


That’s how beatstars does it bro I was saying the same thing. In order for our coupons codes to be used we should have a option of them subbing to our YouTube channels and more.


Really good idea Almanadibeats! And you guys are right. I really love airbit and made a bad experience with beatstars and don’t want to leave airbit. But airbit needs to get faster with updates. It really always take a long time for updates to appear.


I agree. I’ve been with Airbit since the beginning of the myflashstore days. I just hope when Airbit comes with new updates. It’s a lot of them!