What are your favourite studio headphones?


Sennheiser has been the number 1 brand for me since years. They headphones deliver a high quality sound and they last for a long long time. I used other brands to try out and see what is on the market but they can’t be compared to Sennheiser. I’m travelling a lot around for the music biz by car, train and airplane, so some of the other brands have been damaged after just one trip. Or when they fell down or when I got up from my chair too quickly and ripped out the cable of the computer. Sennheiser never disappointed me. I suggest using the model HD 215 and upwards.


I am using sennheiser HD s too, pretty good and nice sound


Same here Guerilla323. ATH-M50’s sound incredible


Audio techinca Ath M50X for me.


I use the KRK KNS 6400. The details are good and they easily help me figure out those clashing/fighting frequencies in the mix. They are a bit expensive but have really taken my mixing to the next level.


I have an AKG K 240 MK II.
I find it a weeeee bit heavy for me (or maybe I’m just being delusional… the thing weighs 10 ounces)
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I use a pair of akg k702’s

For all of you guys using beats headphones: you really shouldnt because they arent tuned flat, like @JimmyConway already said.

If you really want a good mix you should use open back reference headphones because they have better sound quality and have a flat frequency response.

For more info read this article: https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/best-recording-studio-headphones/


I use ATH-M50 by Audio Technica. Neutral and clean sound. Perfect for mixing beats!


I personally like AKG K240. It is under $100 and features a wide sound stage a great choice for mixing.

They listed some of the best studio headphones at a very affordable price.


The build quality for the given price of Sony MDR-7506 isn’t on par for me! how did you find it in terms of comfort and material used?


AKG 701q, mind blowing sound stage.


Those are sweet. I wonder how the bluetooth version compares.