What Book Are You Reading Right Now?

Sadly, too many folks these days are not “readers”. I love it. I read thirty or more books a year. Fiction is my thing. I love it. Fiction novels and music are my escapes from my painfully average life.

I read “The Kite Runner” after many recommendations both here and elsewhere, and it was great. Beautiful prose and a good story. I very much look forward to Khaled Husseini’s next work.

I am currently reading “Perfume” by Patrick Suskind. An excellent read. I suppose my favourite authors are Chuck Palanhiuk and Steven King, the latter I find I highly underrated despite his immense success; if that makes any sense to you. Obviously my usual tastes are on the darker side of normal, but I can appreciate anything so long as it is done well.

My next novel will be “World War Z” compliments of a very generous headfier.

What are you reading?