What is the way you listen to music?

Curious how we all listen to stuff these days.

Left this as a multiple selection. However, it would be more realistic to only select multi if you truly spread out time on the selection you choose.

I vote for YouTube. For me it’s the easiest way listen to music and watch music channels. I also often download music from YouTube using notmp3. I just convert videos to mp3. That’s convy. Plus there are so many interesting videos.

I usually listen to music through Telegram.

I listen to music via Spotify. And along with a smart DRmare Spotify Music Converter, I can easily play Spotify music on the go offline.

I still listen to music through MP3 Player.Normally I convert Spotify music to a format that can be played on MP3 Player by using Tunelf Spotify Music Converter then transfer Spotify converted songs to my MP3 player via USB cable.

I listen to music through youtube

Youtube is the best way to listen to music because here you can listen to all categories of music and it’s one of the famous platforms as a junior singer I have also started the channel and upload my own songs. but people know the channel by logo so that’s why I also looking for a professional logo designer who suggests the best designs to promote my channel.

For me, I listen to music on Spotify every day. It has a large library and I can easily find the songs from my loved artists. Sometimes it shows ads because I’m a free account, but now things become pleasant as I use this professional TunesKit Spotify Music Converter to download the tracks to MP3 for offline listening with lossless quality. Quite good.

I randomly find playlists on spotify or lists like this https://womanlylive.com/20-classic-disney-songs-that-will-take-you-back-to-your-childhood/ (also I like buzzfeed’s ones) and that’s it

As for me, the way to listen to music could still be playing local music on MP3 players. But nowadays, there are many streaming music sources that come with lots of music and playlists.
So I also use some third-party tools, like Spotify Downloader to download my favorite songs from Spotify app to local files and transfer them to an MP3 player for offline playback.

I prefer to use Spotify’s free plan. And use Audkit’s Spotify music converter for windows to download Spotify songs for offline listening and blocking ads.

When it comes to accessing music, I prefer to listen to my favorite tunes from the music streaming platform. TIDAL is one of the streaming music services I’d like to use in daily life. With it and Tidal music downloader developed by TunesKit, I could enjoy the offline playback of TIDAL music on my device without limits.

I like to listen to use different channels and pop into see what’s going down in radio to see what is “hot” these days. Also check out Spotify for my favorite lists depending on my mood. YouTube is great for me when I’m interested to see if there is a video that matches the music or if there interesting compilations out there that I did not know about. SoundCloud is also great if you want to feel the pulse of what is going on underground producers.

Usually, I use a music player like Spotify. But I think it is expensive to only use Spotify. So I use a Spotify to mp3 converter which can convert songs from Spotify to MP3 and I can listen to them permanently now!

I don’t listen to music much but you guys can check this out
Moda Works

I love to listen latest music from Spotify. I create my own playlist with all my favorite music.

I vote for Spotify as it offers a free tier, which allows me to listen to Spotify music online at no cost. Besides, I have a professional helper of Spotify: Spotify Music Converter for Windows to download and convert Spotify music, podcasts, audiobooks, playlists to MP3, and other formats for better and easier playback on more devices.
Therefore, this is my way to listen to music.