What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

Here you can post about the game(s) you’re playing and give a description, review, your thoughts, etc.

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I play Half Life Alyx. I don’t think the game needs any introduction. I hesitated for a long time whether to buy a VR helmet, but still decided to do it and did not regret it. This is a breakthrough game! And I’m sad to see that many companies are afraid to spend money on developing VR games. After all, it turns out that computer vision software company can help even independent developers create VR games.

Video gaming is a perfect way to chill out and free yourself from reality for a while and currently I enjoy online casino more since the benefits are obvious for everyone you can enjoy your game whenever you like or wherever you are now even on the go in case it’s a mobile version if you want to discover great games optimized for all devices visit page right here

im playing Witcher 3! Love it!

Currently I am playing Fortnite.

I am playing Minecraft game.
The game is so good for passing the time, & this is the best of all other games.