When I Upload A New Beat Its Not Showing Up!


When I’m upload a new beat and save it. Its says new beat was created but then doesn’t show up in my beat catalogue
Is anyone else having the same problem? Is this a bug from the recent upgrades?


Same goes for me as well. I’ve been looking all over trying to find the solution to this problem… 1st time this has ever happen to me. Usually uploading new beats are simple. If I find the answer I’ll get back to you.


Same with me can’t figure it out. i Upload a new beat fill out all info then save and it says beat created but i can’t find it in my beats section?


The only way I can upload beats is by doing on my MacBook which is running the latest OS when I try on my Macpro which is running OS 10:8 it won’t work.
Try download the latest version of your internet browser (Google chrome, Safari etc) and see if that works


Apologies for the upload issues, could you all let me know what operating system and web browsers you are using when having the issues? That way we can test in the same environment to identify the problems.

If you could also let me know what version your web browser is. There should be an About menu item somewhere which gives you the version.


Im using windows 7 (yea I know, old…) but google chrome… Trying to upload my store on my wix website, but its not working.


@dbtheone Does the store just load continuously? A few people have had issues with Wix. You can view a post about it here: HTML5 not loading on Wix

We recommend using Wordpress to build your site, as no one has issues embedding our store on that site


Having the same issue with my infinity store