Where can i get acapellas?


Hey im very interested in making some remixes
but i dont know any website where i could get the acapellas of the latest songs.

Can anyone help me?


Just type in the name of the song and then “acapella” into google, e.g “jay-z pimpin acapella” - you’ll find loads of sites.


i tried it but i didnt find anything :confused:


Honestly… the BEST place to find acapells is


been using it for years. Has tons of acapellas and if there was never an acapella released for a song ,the members (free to join) upload there own
DIY (do it yourself) acapellas they created using software.

Great site.


Send me $20 to my pay-pal account and i’ll send you over 2gbs of acapellas.
Check out my facebook videos to see what i did with, Brandy ‘Almost Dosen’t Count’ and Marvin Gaye ‘Lets get it on’.
FaceBook Vids.


Also Try Crazypellas.net They Got A Forum That Consists of Accapellas…


mmhmmm acapellas4u is the best bar none!


Hi, looking for accapellas? I think you will be interested to visit this place (enormous amount of songs splited in tracks)- http://audiojungle.net/user/StudioAtWork/portfolio?ref=StudioAtWork , you will definitely find what you looking for!


Ive heard your beats on youtube and they sound dope Im a rapper as well as a beat maker I can hop on one of your tracks djdreamentertainment@gmail.com




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+1 for www.acapellas4u.co.uk/


Hi if u still interested in acapella , I am using some vocal packs from here