Where is my activation code?


I’ve requested for an activation code to get my account up and running for the longest. Why is this a common issue? How do I get my activation code?


Same here, dude. This is really frustrating.


Hi @DJBlakBoy, sorry to hear this. We’re looking into why this is happening, but they appear to be being sent from our end without issue. Please find your activation details below:

Activation Code: 1299d2eeec9f1ad4f42661b2ae3d258e

Activation Link: https://airbit.com/activate?code=1299d2eeec9f1ad4f42661b2ae3d258e


Sorry about this @JayanR, please find your activation details below:

Activation Code: 44b9c024c50d0db7fcad0bdf72282435

Activation Link: https://airbit.com/activate?code=44b9c024c50d0db7fcad0bdf72282435


Tried to resend my code 10 times and nothing. Please help.


I’m having the same issue, could someone help please?


Same here please help!


Sorry @kontrasound, your details are:

Activation Code: c9a656fdae11b9ce687a268ce08208d2



Sorry @JPlazaNYC, your details are:

Activation Code: 2363e128279d4b937c951e5a6e95354c



@Riffbearbeats, our system shows this account is activated, please let us know if you are still having issues


Hi i have not received my activation code, please help!


Sorry to hear this @MyrixMusic, your activation details are:

Activation Code: 84a03fb216b265c56babd0fd3949bfd8

Activation link: https://airbit.com/activate?code=84a03fb216b265c56babd0fd3949bfd8

Please let us know if you still cannot activate your account


Hi can you send another activation link it looks like the last one did not work. Thanks you!


I requested another activation link and received it. I am good now. Thanks!


Hey mate,
same issue here! Could you be so kind to send it here?!


Hi @_mighTy_biG_bEaTS

Thanks for contacting us for support. We are sorry to hear that you have faced an issue while attempting to activate your account. An email from support@airbit.com with your activation code & link has been sent to your email. Please, check you Inbox and Junk mail for the email so that you can successfully activate your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


hi sorry i didn’t know where to send a direct message but im having the same problem i signed up but haven’t received an activation code


Sorry about that @Jonezy. We’ve now emailed your activation details to you manually. If you can’t see this in your inbox, please check your junk folder, and email us at support@airbit.com if you have any further issues.