Who's making a $1000/month on their music?


So who here is making a $1000/month or more, on their music? I know I’m not! Just curious if anyone on here would let us all know. Is it possible? It’s very competitive out there.


I made a good income with my music, but it’s not a fast way business. You have to work had and invest in good and usefull knowledge. One of the most important thing to look for. Good luck with your career!



I am making pretty decent but again that’s with hard work. If you all would like to trade emails i think we could all trade technique’s that we are using. Maybe one of us could help the other with something we didn’t know about. Yes it is a competitive business but there is enough money out here for us all. My email is sales@queabeats.net


yes, i make $1000+ or $2000+ a month. this month iam at the #1 on “top earning producers” at the myflashstores startpage. so its definitely possible :). but you need knowledge in beatmaking AND marketing strategies. good luck!



insane whats your secrets


You can hit me up at info@maistrobeats.com or visit my website www.maistrobeats.com. I’m always interested in new upportunities, knowledge and tips!


I cant tell you my “secrets” cause i worked for years to reach this level. But i can tell you some important points:

-work as hard as you can! I making beats every day or second day and this for years!

-always think about how to optimize your buissnes and try new ways

-spend money for promotions and find out whats the best promotion for you

-be visible make a profile on every big beat selling website and upload your beats

-also make your own homepage and push it

-offer free beats and paid beats

-collect email adresses when people register for free beats to make your newsletter list

-be always motivatet, also if your beatsales suck for weeks and month

This are just some rules wich i always try to follow. I startet about 5-6 years ago to sell my beats and i startet with an income of 50-100 dollar in a month. And now iam earning round about 1000-2000 dollar each month.
Good luck to ya all!


It’s always varied to me and fluctuated… like this Summer was a slower point, but earlier in the year people were buying more and more of my beats (and soundkits) constantly, so it really does depend. Like for instance, within the last couple of weeks or so, I had a few exclusives sell, whereas earlier in the year, not many.

Bottom line is, you HAVE to be consistent, you HAVE to be grindin’ out there Non Stop! Promote, promote, network, network, and keep producing beats! Just make whatever you feel is solid and comes to mind… don’t waste time on thinking “dudes may not buy this one, let me do another beat instead”, because truth of the matter is, people may very well buy that beat you thought they wouldn’t. I’ve sold many a beat that I thought at first wasn’t going to sell based on the type of beat, but I said to hell with it and put it up anyway. Different tastes all across the board out there!

Insane said it best… promote and see what promotions work, set up your own homepage which is a MUST, and set up an email address opt in form. I can’t tell you how many repeat customers this has helped me with simply by sending everyone a newsletter as Insane said, and sending them an email when new beats are added.

Much respect and salute! It’s a hustle but people are buying beats out there, so you just have to keep grinding at it.


It varies monthly for me because i negotiate a lot and offer various services besides just beats but roughly I would say about 250 - 400 per month on my MUSIC + Services


I am new on the web ;however, my products are in good shape If anyone could give some good tips about how make money on this site it would awesome.


It is Weird, that you dont have that many soundcloud followers either…


I HAVE BEEN MAKING 1,000 dollars and over every month for the past year and a half and that’s just on myflash not including my soundclick, beat selling is very competitive but with knowledge and grind you will be banking.


so what piece of knowledge was it that got you there?


Selling beats online is not a get rich quick scheme… it takes time, determination and hard work! the problem with most producers is that they think hot beats will sell themselves… the number 1 thing you have to look at is traffic. without trafffic you cannot sell beats… dont complain about beat sales if you’re getting 50 plays on your site a day… you need a lot of plays… and traffic…

Relationships are everything, make relationships with potential clients that way you’ll sell beats to them over and over again and maybe even produce a full album for them…


Agree with Ola, you have to stay in contact with the people who show love to your music. And it’s also important to give them free music, so they’ll really see you actually care about them.


What paid advertising has been the most effective method?
I’ve been producing for years yet I haven’t been able to attack the online beat sales world yet.


[quote=“PFloyd” post=15122]What paid advertising has been the most effective method?
I’ve been producing for years yet I haven’t been able to attack the online beat sales world yet.[/quote]
Try adwords.


[quote=“PFloyd” post=15122]What paid advertising has been the most effective method?
I’ve been producing for years yet I haven’t been able to attack the online beat sales world yet.[/quote]

I have sold some beats on my soundcloud page


None of really “big shots” ever reply here and that sucks cos this is really great community

We’r not one of those big ones but we usually get like $3000-$6000+ per month on leases only

But we’r spending on every promo we can get our hands on.

When we started we got $400-$800 right away, i guess its luck (it wasn’t lol but thats another story) but we invested EVERYTHING we got in first 6 months or so on promo and building a “brand”.

This summer was slow for us to but was still able to get 3-4k.
Now is even worse cos google update killed us.

Currently trying to buy every banner ad on every “hip hop” website we can find…lol
Even the one with almoast no traffic (but those are really affordable - like $5 per month or so, so why not)

Traffic is a must have but not everything. You have to build a “brand”, without a “brand” it will not work.
With alot of traffic you’ll get few (or alot) sales but when it stops (and it will happen at some point) you’ll have to build everything again…

If you maka a brand of yourself people will always come to you and pay whatever you ask…
Like for exmp idk coca cola, even without ads and and promotion people would still buy (alot) of it. (with promo and all they will buy more ofc but thats not really that “cruicial” for them anymore)


I couldn’t have said it any better atomic… lbs