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I do want to throw this out there that the colors in my opinion between them and the original areslightly off I believe that the matter foundations are a tad bit darker than the original and that’s just you know what kind of down by using these and but it’s not going to be easy think that to where you should have to change your color %uh you guys should keep a lot are handon it you know if you’re in between Michael a lot medium but I have found that the pigmentation is a little bit darker in the two when the next one of course is the great foundation now at the ready foundation is going to be your compact press foundation and this is describedas a natural finish so and the way I described the customers is it somewhere between a luminous and amatte finish it’s not really lame ass doesn’t have like a lot of women %ah see to it that it’snot completely matte I personally think you ve admiral they’ll do anything and mad if I wasn’t our face but that’s just my opinion the ready foundation is going to be anaunt in my opinion jivam skin care I’m it does a little bitheavier on a scam but it’s not anything like liquid it’s not anything that’s going to gross you out I’m but I really enjoy the ready foundation for whenever I have extremely dry skin is considered a hydrating foundation that their minerals just throw and a discretion out there that thiswill work on any skin type I personally think this edition is going to be a hit or miss for you you’re either gonna love it you’re gonna hate it I I found that people within large pores have candidate for had tend to not go towards this foundation.
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do you really think it’s correct to post here this Shiat?


Well, why not. Butters are great for skin and nowadays almost everybody has got some skin issues.