Youtube Content ID Denied

I have tried to get my beats approved for Content ID but Airbit has denied me because “The rejection was due to suspecting the use of third party samples/loops which includes royalty free samples/loops.” I have not used any 3rd party loops or samples, all of my beats are 100% created by me. How is it fair that they can just “suspect” and then consider all of my beats ineligible for the content ID system. They haven’t provided me anyway to prove my beats don’t use any 3rd party loops/ samples or the ability to reapply for the content ID system. I want another review of my content, I can provide whatever proof you need that I do own 100% of my beat and that I do not use any third party loops/samples.

If you guys do not approve me for the content ID system I want to request a refund because the content ID feature is what got me to subscribe to Airbit in the first place.

Hi @prodbyastroboy

We are glad to see that this issue is now successfully resolved for you by our team.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Hey Is this issue resolved yet. I’m facing the same issue. My Beats got rejected for the same reason. I made those beats all by myself. I’m willing to provide any proof they want.