Youtube Monetizing


Me and other producers are noticing that we’re getting Content ID claims on YouTube. When artist lease our beats and distribute through Tune Core, CD Baby, etc they are opting in for YouTube monetization which flags MY beats on MY YouTube channel. Beat Stars offers a Content ID option that protects producers from this happening. Does Airbit have a service like that?


No they don’t.

But you could literally sign up for TuneCore (or another service) yourself and have all your beats content ID so they won’t be able to do this, instead it’ll be your Tunecore account monetising their (rappers) videos.


This is coming to Airbit soon :slight_smile:


How soon? I saw a thread from 2016 that said this feature was coming soon.


Hello? Are you going to answer my last question?


Hello @tkmproductions. We don’t have an eta but it’s not far away from public release